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UFPDF: Unicode/UTF-8 extension for FPDF

Note: I wrote UFPDF as an experiment, not as a finished product. If you have problems using it, don't bug me for support. Patches are welcome though, but I don't have much time to maintain this.

FPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF files on-the-fly. Unfortunately it does not support Unicode. So I've coded UFPDF, an extension of FPDF which accepts input in UTF-8.

Only TrueType fonts are supported for now. To embed .TTF files, you need to extract the font metrics and build the required tables using the provided utilities (see README.txt). Included is a modified version of TTF2PT1 which extracts the Unicode glyph info.

UFPDF works the same as FPDF, except that all text is in UTF-8, so consult the FPDF documentation for usage.

Download UFPDF Example PDF

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