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Hi, I'm Steven. I like computers, problems and using the former to solve the latter. I believe in elegance over adequacy, thoughtfulness over impulse, and in the wonder of the world as we can see it. I like to build and design cool pieces of technology.

Throughout the years, I've left a trail of nifty contraptions behind, most of which are published here. You'll find demos, designs, dev journals and other random musings.

I have a background in electrical engineering and signal processing, but have spent most of my time toying around with computer graphics and web applications. Once upon a time I made a bunch of music visualizations for Winamp, which is where I picked up my appetite for design. I used to be a core Drupal guy, but have since moved on to more exciting web technologies. These days I am mostly found slinging JavaScript and GLSL, with a little bit of Python, Ruby, Rust or C/C++ on the side.

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I can be reached at:
acko.net @ steven · GitHub

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