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The Cocoa Journey Begins

Life is full of nice surprises.

Last week I decided I would start learning Cocoa (for the unaware, that's one of the two APIs/Frameworks for creating applications for OS X). Partially, because I have some cool ideas I want to try out. Mostly, because I want to be able to make applications that are just as nice as all those other sweet programs I've come to depend on since I joined the cult.

So when I was doing some undirected browsing yesterday I found out that Andy 'Termie' Smith is helping organise CocoaDevHouse Amsterdam. I'm definitely going to go there. It'll be interesting to be a total newbie at a geek event for once ;).

It's only 2.5 hours by regular train, and I have a laptop and a copy of the Apple Developer Docs to keep me occupied on the way. Interesting for those of you on the other side of the pond: the typical Belgian (and generally Western-European) mentality would consider such a trip a significant adventure. That's what happens when everyone is so focused on their own little patch of land. For me, it's now just 'popping over'. I might be back later for Barcamp Amsterdam II too.

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