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Stargate Atlantis meets Line Rider – Go Rodney!

I'm a big fan of sci-fi, and lately Stargate Atlantis has been holding my interest. So when I stumbled upon a YouTube contest for best Stargate Atlantis fan video, a light bulb went off in my head: Line Rider + YouTube = Magic!

I present to you Go Rodney!, a Stargate Atlantis themed Line Rider track, set to the SGA theme song:

Just like in my previous tracks, I've tried to maintain the principle that all solid lines are part of the scenery. I drew the track in function of the theme song, with much planning ahead, and tried to synchronize the tricks as much as possible. I've also tried to maintain better perspective throughout.

A higher quality version can be found on Rapidshare (DivX + MP3, 17MB and no contest ad). I've also uploaded a view of the entire track (with line types indicated). There are 5945 separate lines.

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