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Leuvenspeelt.be: Theater and Drupal

Every year at my university, various student organisations perform one or more plays on stage. Though these are very small productions, they always manage to attract a good audience from the local student population. To give these individual groups a better chance, some friends of mine are organising a theaterfestival. It bundles the individual efforts in a nice event to provide more visibility and helps out with logistics and funding.

Obviously there needs to be a website to go along with this. I was asked to make it, so this year I decided to build it with Drupal.

The reason is that, aside from serving as a brochure for the event, the website needs to lobby to improve the state of theater at our university. For example, there is no dedicated theater for performing plays. The board has promised to look into this, but so far nothing concrete has happened. The students want to see change, so to provide more visibility to these issues, a theater blog has been started. It will keep its finger on the pulse of theater at and around our university and foster discussion.

So, a plain set up of Drupal? Not exactly. Part of the festival's charm and success is a witty style and branding. This year's poster, which I also designed, looks like this:

Theaterfestival Poster

To carry this look over to the website, I had to design a fancy PHPTemplate theme to accommodate. The result is heavy on graphics and has a dash of Javascript. No AJAX though ;).

The website is in Dutch, but if you want to take a look (and hunt for some funny easter eggs), it can be found at LeuvenSpeelt.be.

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