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jQuery Menu Scout

Updated video: now also highlights deep links (though gray, not white), bubbles are prettier and aligned better and video capture is smoother. I also changed the music to please termie.

Out of a whacky conversation on IRC comes the latest treat for Drupal 5.0.

The new administration section is nice, but it's a big adjustment for 4.7 users. It's not immediately obvious where to go to find a certain option. Wouldn't it be handy if you could find any administration page with a couple of keystrokes? Something like Apple Spotlight?

Today's usability special: a nice slice of jQuery with some search module on the side, sprinkled with menu magic and topped off with some sexy CSS. Feast your eyes on this:

jQuery/Search module powered menu scout.
(MPEG-4 movie)

Patch is available on drupal.org.

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