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ComicJuice gets even better

I finished some more tweaks to ComicJuice:

  • IE6 and 7 are now supported, thanks to the amazing ExplorerCanvas by Google. It emulates the <canvas> tag in IE, meaning that client-side scriptable vector graphics are now available on all the major browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera). I doubt Konqueror will be far behind.

    This opens up some cool abilities, like dynamic in-page graphs, mini-widgets (sliders, dials, maps, ...) and even pure JS games. There's a bunch of examples linked on Wikipedia (though most don't use ExplorerCanvas yet).

  • I added support for uploading your own images rather than using pictures on the web. It uses a customized and themed version of core's JS uploader.

    comic juice

  • I improved the clipping of speech bubbles so there should be less useless whitespace around comics, especially when embedding them.
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