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Aboot time I started working, eh?

After five years of studying I'm finally the proud owner of my university degree "Master in Electrical Engineering: Multimedia and Signal Processing" (phew). So, what do I intend to do with it now? Well, absolutely nothing.

See, the past year Drupal has taken up more and more of my spare time. It was still manageable when combined with my carefree student life, but in combination with a full-time engineering job, I think I'd burn out pretty quickly.

So I decided to turn my hobby into my job and sign up with one of the Drupal shops: Drupal is hot at the moment, pays well and is interesting, innovative work.

After considering all my options, Bryght came out as the most interesting choice. Aside from getting to spend a significant amount of my time working on Drupal itself, they're also giving me the chance to move to Vancouver. Once the paperwork goes through (which could take a couple of months), it's good bye chocolate and beer and hello mounties, maple leaf and mountains.

Canadian Flag

I have to admit Belgium has become less and less interesting over the past years: crappy broadband, high taxes, insane bureaucracy and an unfriendly political climate. Still, I don't think I'm saying good bye forever. It's just that one does not get the chance to live and work in a whole new part of the world that often, so I at least want to give it a shot. Canada, here I come ;).

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